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Welcome to our library where we aspire to guide each student through the adventures of reading. The library can truly be a magical place of imagination with the right support and tools. The Dent Elementary library contains over 16,000 books nonfiction and fiction with many genres to choose from. We are open daily from 8:00 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.

Classes visit the library either weekly or every other week. All students enjoy story time and checking out books. Our students also participate in lessons and activities to introduce and promote authors, genres and library skills.

Dent School’s focus for creating a positive school climate translates perfectly into the library setting. It is important to be responsible for books checked out, to be respectful of each other and of all books, and to be ready to learn from reading.

No overdue fines are charged for late library books but lost or damaged books will require payments for replacement.

Our school experiences many events or programs to encourage reading including:

  • Dr. Seuss’ Read Across America
  • Scholastic Book Fairs
  • International Dot Day
  • Accelerated Reader incentive awards and prices

Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader (A/R) is a computer program that helps manage and monitor children’s independent reading practice. Students choose a book at their own level and read it at their own pace. When finished, they take a short quiz on the computer. (Passing the quiz is an indication that the student understood what was read.) A/R provides feedback based on the quiz results, which can then be used to help set goals and direct ongoing reading practice.

Children using A/R choose their own books, rather than having one assigned. This makes reading a much more enjoyable experience as they are able to choose books interesting to them. The program also provides a range (level) students should be reading at. All books in the library are coded with a “color dot” assigned to these levels. This allows students even at the most basic levels to choose appropriate leveled books insuring a more positive experience.